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minootas 2.0

My last stint at blogging was a while ago – I had started one on blogspot in the later years of high school to document creative projects I would occupy myself with on the weekends. It evolved to be a lifestyle blog where I would showcase my latest purchases and what I would buy to take my mind of other more pressing things happening in my life. After a few last ditch attempts to post, the momentum was lost completely – until recently.

It seems to be a common theme among my peers, who have begun full time work since graduating from their studies and haven't found any opportunity to indulge in any creatively fulfilling, self-driven projects. I, myself, realised I missed documenting things I did, finding an excuse to go out and actually do things and instead spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos for hours watching other people live their lives. Also, I have a huge repository of photos which I've had nowhere to upload and share. 

With this version of minootas I hope to maintain a journal (of sorts) to chronicle thoughts and creative ventures. Less spenny spenny, more thinky thinky. 

By posting this I'm hoping to hold myself accountable if this train veers off track.