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Olympus XA

I'd been on the market for a film point-and-shoot camera since last year (pre-tax time). Having trawled eBay for what seemed like an eternity, I finally settled on an Olympus XA after watching this video

It's a tiny little rangefinder (about the size of my phone) in the classic Olympus clamshell design, with a small detachable flash. What drew me to this camera was its portability (important when you carry small bags), price (Contax T3 donations welcome) and that it's an actual functioning rangefinder with aperture-priority. 

I got my first roll developed and here are the results:

The light trap is a little dark so it's difficult to focus at night and maybe it's my camera/the batteries I'm using, but the light meter in the viewfinder doesn't meter properly (the internal lightmeter is fine) so I'm never sure what speed the camera will take a shot at. Focusing at night is really just a lot of guestimating so I'm never really sure what will come out. The lens itself is quite sharp and crisp when in focus, but for the sake of my wallet I'd prefer if all the shots were this sharp. It's fine during the day when I can see what I'm focusing on, but not so much at night – my next camera will have autofocus for this reason.