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Vlog 013: Single Asian Female, Passover and the Biennale

sunday 18 mar – taco night... also painting toenails (not pictured haha)
monday 19 mar – nada
tuesday 20 mar – zilch
wednesday 21 mar – breakfast at work is the only thing that gets me out of bed
thursday 22 mar – night out with work... We went to the Comedy Store
friday 23 mar – Single Asian Female with Lizzy, Claudia and Harry
saturday 24 mar – Berrima with the fam
sunday 25 mar – Adela makes good pancakes
monday 26 mar – *who knows*
tuesday 27 mar – nothing
wednesday 28 mar – Nails!!! I had the red on for a month
thursday 29 mar – hot cross buns and berries at work, then Sultan's Table to celebrate Ellie's citizenship!! (Playboi Carti postponed his show 🤬)
friday 30 mar – Passover!
saturday 31 mar – Biennale w/ Frances, Orla and Nat